Complaints Procedure

Making a complaint

You may notify us of your complaint by email to

Dealing with your complaint

If the situation is one we can resolve quickly, we will write to or email you with a resolution or we may be able to help you over the phone. If we are unable to resolve the situation quickly we will write or email you within 3 working days from when you first told us. We will confirm:

  • The nature of your complaint so we can check we understood it correctly
  • The name and contact information of the person who will be working to resolve your complaint

Resolving your complaint

On occasions where we are unable to resolve the situation quickly we may need more time to complete a full investigation, particularly where it involves the financed vehicle and/or the supplying dealer. Where this is the case we will keep you fully informed throughout. When investigating your complaint, we will always consider what you tell us, although we will sometimes need additional information. We will reach our final decision based on this and the results of our investigation.

How we tell you about our decision

We will write to you to detail our decision. This will happen within eight weeks of Carsnip receiving your complaint. If we need more time to complete our investigation, we will write to you and advise when our investigation will be completed.