Sell more cars and reduce your costs

Carsnip is the UK’s largest car search engine and it’s always FREE to list your stock. With Carsnip Premium you can promote your stock to ensure buyers see your ads first.

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You decide how much you’re prepared to pay for each click and you ONLY pay when a buyer clicks on your listing to your website.

Driving visitors directly to your website not only generates more leads at a lesser cost than traditional classified sites, it gives you the opportunity to collect more data about your buyers to power your marketing.

Over 6,000 dealers already onboard including...

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Why Choose Carsnip premium?

100% Perfomance Based

Carsnip’s pay per click model ensures you only pay if a premium advert delivers a visitor to your website. Listing is always free.

Every month we send you a report detailing your total clicks, the organic vs. paid and any clicks we have removed (e.g duplicate clicks).

Control Your Own Budget

Carsnip does not dictate how much you pay. You tell us the maximum you’re prepared to pay per click and we’ll promote your stock according to your ceiling price.

To help manage your budget you can also set a monthly limit and we’ll never charge you more

Relevant Leads, Maximum Opportunity

Carsnip’s Relevance Score ranks every advert and uses this to present only the most relevant adverts to the car buyer.

This ensures buyers only see your stock if it’s relevant to their search criteria, reducing your costs and resulting in higher conversion rates when a buyer visits your site or showroom.

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Reach Millions of Potential Buyers

Carsnip powers used-car search behind a growing number of the UK’s most popular websites.

Currently live on Halfords Autocentres and Yell, and with more partners in the pipeline, we aim to reach 1 billion car buyers by 2018.

Promote Your Brand & Customer Loyalty

Carsnip is a search engine. Unlike traditional car sites, this means when a buyer clicks your advert they go direct to your website.

This promotes your brand and gives you the opportunity to build a relationship with the buyer that converts into sales not only today, but in the future too.

Fuel Your Online Marketing

Driving buyers direct to your website, gives a powerful opportunity to capture data on your potential buyers.

You can use this data to build your own marketing database, online retargeting and email campaigns - all under your own brand.

Sell more cars AND reduce your costs

With Carsnip Premium you can promote your stock to ensure buyers see your ads first.

The UK's BIGGEST car search engine


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  • What is Carsnip Premium?

    Carsnip Premium is an online marketing tool that helps you sell more stock and achieve better margins.
    It does this by pushing your cars to the top of the online search results and driving more ‘early stage’ clicks directly to your website.
  • How does it work?

    Carsnip Premium lets you regain control of your online visitors and get real returns from your online investment.
    Listing on Carsnip is free and always will be. With Premium you only pay for the clicks you receive. This means you pay a fraction of the cost to reach more potential customers than ever before.
  • Why choose Carsnip?

    The number of people viewing your stock is growing every day and we’re quickly becoming THE place to find cars online.
    We currently list over 800,000 car adverts. That's more than any of the traditional classified sites.
  • Who is Carsnip?

    We’ve been called ‘Google for cars’ and we’re proud of that. Search is our passion; we combine it with big data and machine learning in a way that’s unique in the car industry.
    We deliver personalised results to car buyers to help them find your stock faster, and we do it without charging you a fortune.
  • Who else is on board?

    We have more than half of all UK car dealers already on our tech platform and we’re now offering you the chance to be among the first to take advantage of Carsnip Premium.
  • How does Carsnip find buyers?

    Carsnip is a search engine, and alongside we also power search behind Halfords Autocentres and Yell Motors, with more big name brands launching soon.
    We're on track to have your stock in front of an audience of over 1 billion potential buyers by 2018.