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Carsnip is not a car classified site, we are a car search engine. We exist to connect you with car buyers. We don't charge to list your stock and we don't charge for leads. List your stock today for FREE!

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75% of car buyers don’t know the car they want before they start to search

Carsnip is built to serve these people. Our goal is to build a highly personalised consumer experience giving visitors exactly the information they require to make a better informed decision. This means that clicks to your website are from visitors who really know what they want and are closer to the point of sale.

Carsnip Dealer Analytics

From stock saturation scores, to time in site analytics and from market movements to trends data, Carsnip Dealer Analytics helps you make more informed decisions. Priced at £100 per user per month.

Safe crawling

We have been told that some dealers are being informed by their web-hosts that our crawler can slow down or 'break' their website. THIS IS NOT TRUE! If this was true then Google or any other search engine or even a surge in visitors could do the same. We have invested extra resource and built the Carsnip car crawler in a way that will never affect your website performance.

The dealers perspective

"There are so many advertising sites these days, all these take a lot of valuable time to update , and from a searching position when looking for a car it's not very easy either, different toggles, drop down menus or slides... I've always wondered why can't you simply just type in a search box exactly what you want, wouldn't that be quick and easy?

From what I've seen of Carsnip they could well change the way in which we all search for cars."

Umesh Samani - Specialist Cars Stoke

Who are we?

Alastair Campbell

Alastair is the founder of UK Data, Simply Moleskine and Company Check. Company Check is the UK's largest company data website with over 500k registered users, 250k unique visitors every day and 170m searches in 2015.

Mark Smithson

Over the past 15 years Mark has created high volume scalable web applications. Using the latest in scalable and cloud technologies Mark has overseen the development of applications in the financial, eCommerce and healthcare sectors.

Stuart Noad

Stuart brings over 15 years tech marketing experience to Carsnip holding senior and board level positions at organizations such as AppSense, 1stSoftware (now IRESS) and Vistorm (now HP), marketing a variety of technologies to multiple industries.

Nik Chotai

Nik has worked in a number of startup, high growth and turnaround SMEs in senior finance positions. Previous roles include Commercial Finance Director of Responsible for managing the capital raising and financial planning process.